When will WHEELHOUSE LIVE rides start? 
We’re streaming live rides already!

How do I view the rides? 
You can watch the rides from your phone, tablet, or computer and logging in to website streaming platform. If you own a compatible television, you can also "cast" the videos to your TV using Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast.

Is there a WHEELHOME LIVE app? 
Not yet, but it's in the works! For now it's only accessible from the website streaming platform.

Is there financing available? 
Yes! We partnered with PayBright to offer 0% financing for the WHEELHOUSE BIKE. Add the bike to your cart and enter your information. When you get to the final step select PayBright as a purchase option and you'll be taken to a new page to complete the process. 

Where are you delivering bikes? 
At launch, we are delivering to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Delivery is free in Regina and Winnipeg :) 

Is there a warranty on the bike? 
The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on the rest of the bike components. 

What kind of bike is it? 
We've partnered with Stages to produce the WHEELHOUSE BIKE. It's got a solid steel frame, carbon fibre belt, the most accurate power meter on the market, dual-sided pedals (delta / SPD), and magnetic resistance. They're almost identical to the bikes we use everyday in The Vault. 

What is the full cost of the bike? 
The bike costs $2,495 + $40/month for live and on demand rides. 

When will the bikes be delivered? 
They'll be in your house within four weeks!

What if I have more questions? 
Give us a call at 306-531-5166 and we'll help you out!